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three of those things

here’s what I’ve been and haven’t been up to:

the net is boring
no, it’s not a true or false game, it’s how i’ve been feeling for the last few weeks. i’ve never been into news and stopped following it years ago and the internet, for me, has become too similar to checking what’s happening in the world. unnecessary. rubbish. facebook lost sense months back, twitter became overwhelming when, to my surprise, i realized that it took me 1h daily to check all the recommendations posted by the people i follow. google plus, the smartest of them all, is brand new and taking over. well, i’m there when i check my emails and that is on average once daily (and thanks to circles and mute, my visits will remain very short). it’s more cyclical than inspiring, comes and goes, what i’ll miss now will catch me later. or not. not a biggie. it feels good to let things go.

you work and then you retire
i’m working a lot at the moment and, more often than not, it’s to do with money, not passion/true self/meaning and all the other stuff self-help books are written about. i’m also saving a lot (and it’s a relative ‘a lot’ that compares to what i’ve been saving for the last 2 years). i have some goals, Karol and i have some goals and it looks like we’re getting there slowly. getting where? let’s say that we’re not too pleased with the idea of living in either UK or Poland for the next 3 years. and we’re planning our first mini-retirement. if you want to, feel free to wait for more details;)

food is food is food
i’m back to cooking. real cooking. i mean, the fridge is full of ingredients and i have insanely delicious recipes scheduled for the next two weeks cooking. it feels great. nearly three weeks ago i decided to lower my carbs intake and stopped eating pasta, rice, bread (that was painful) etc. i also replaced most of my fruit with veggies. results: i’m constantly hungry? no. i can eat more and it’s all good. perfect!

I am…

…going swimming tomorrow. And can’t wait.

…on the verge of another moderation of my diet.

…enjoying Cardiff Singer of the World 2011 which is both a relief and a surprise.

…having problems with writing more than two sentences at a time (twitter-primed?).

…reading a fascinating book at the moment.

…looking forward to getting back to work next week.

…inclined to buy more and more white clothes.

…feeling restless but should go to sleep.

…not planning.